Stronghold Diamond Hands
Valuable, Powerful, Easy!

For a limited time, all current and new VAULT Investments customers will have their own Stronghold, which can be filled with 100 VAULT coins to reserve a Diamond Hands Staking Pool share. You can get a VAULT account and Stronghold here.

Get Started

Getting Started

Your VAULT Stronghold can be filled by depositing VAULT coins from exchanges, rewards generated from other VAULT coins you hold on VAULT platform, and/or earned through our referral program.

Everyone who deposits VAULT coins to their Stronghold wallet address quickly starts earning daily compounding rewards in that wallet. Once a Stronghold gets filled with a total of 100 VAULT coins, it will start paying rewards to a Strongholder's standard VAULT coin share wallet on VAULT platform where rewards can be reinvested/compounded and/or withdrawn and sold on exchanges to provide liquidity to other people to help them fill their Strongholds.

The Diamond Hands Staking Pool will reach full maturity 5 years after 100 Strongholds have been filled, and then all Strongholders (remaining share holders) will receive 1 share each in the Diamond Hands Staking Pool, which will grow with compound interest for 5 years to an estimated total pool of 34,000+ VAULT coins!

You can reserve a share of the Diamond Hands Staking Pool by filling your Stronghold, and once the pool reaches full maturity, all remaining Strongholders (Diamond Hands Staking Pool share holders) will exchange their shares for an equally divided lump sum payout from the total pool funds!

VAULT coins deposited to a Stronghold are locked for 1 year from the commencement date of the Diamond Hands Staking Pool. After 1 year, a Strongholder can exit early by withdrawing 100 VAULT coins from their Stronghold, resulting in a loss of their Diamond Hands Staking Pool share.

The Diamond Hands Staking Pool starts with 100 shares (100 Strongholds x 1 share each).

Each time a Strongholder withdraws 100 VAULT coins and gives up a share in the Diamond Hands Staking Pool, the value of the remaining pool holders' shares will increase.

For example, if some people withdraw VAULT coins and at the end of 5 years (year 5) the pool has 80 shares left, then each of those shares would be worth more. So shares can become very valuable!

All VAULT coin withdrawals from Strongholds will be paid from the Diamond Hands Staking Pool.

If necessary, VAULT project will top up the Diamond Hands Staking Pool to guarantee a minimum total of 30,000 VAULT coins in the pool after it has reached full maturity!

Investment Pool Collateral and Bonuses

Starting Balance 10,000 VAULT
Year 1 10% bonus on rewards generated
Year 2 10% bonus on rewards generated
Year 3 10% bonus on rewards generated
Year 4 10% bonus on rewards generated
Year 5 10% bonus on rewards generated

Stronghold Diamond Hands Staking Pool In Numbers

Year 1 10,000 VAULT compounded daily at 25% ROI would generate 2,838.96 = 12,838.96 + 10% (283.9) = 13,122.86 total VAULT
Year 2 13,123 VAULT compounded daily at 24% ROI would generate 3,558.04 = 16,681.05 + 10% (355.80) = 17,036.85 total VAULT
Year 3 17,037 VAULT compounded daily at 23% ROI would generate 4,403.11 = 21,440.11 + 10% (440.31) = 21,880.42 total VAULT
Year 4 21,880 VAULT compounded daily at 22% ROI would generate 5,381.90 = 27,261.90 + 10% (538.19) = 27,800.09 total VAULT
Year 5 27,800 VAULT compounded daily at 21% ROI would generate 6,493.62 = 34,293.62 + 10% (649.36) = 34,942.98 total VAULT


The faster you fill your Stronghold, the more you can earn by getting a head start on your return, generating rewards to sell to others, and reserving a share in the Diamond Hands Staking Pool. It could also mean a cheaper "entrance fee" (cost of 100 VAULT coins) if VAULT rises in value due to demand for Stronghold Diamond Hands and other planned use cases.

Since CRYO (frozen) VAULT coins can't be used to fill Strongholds and VAULT coin will no longer be available in VAULT platform swap, most people who aren't holding 100 unfrozen VAULT coins will likely need to buy some on exchanges to fill their Stronghold.

VAULT coins held in a Stronghold earn ~25% staking rewards until 100 Strongholds are filled.

Filling your Stronghold can grow your VAULT investment, support the coin and increase the price on exchanges!

Strongholder = Person who has filled their Stronghold with 100 VAULT coins and hasn't withdrawn them from their Stronghold, resulting in forfeiting their share in the Diamond Hands Staking Pool.

All guaranteed and estimated/other values used in the presentation of Stronghold Diamond Hands are based on VAULT coins and not USD or fiat value.