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Stronghold makes it easier to grow your assets

Stronghold (SH) is a fair, powerful investment product providing fee-free hosting and rewarding added bonuses, with users receiving bonus coins shares from all SH activations and deactivations, combined with other random bonuses, allowing to lock more VAULT coins in CRYO

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Lifetime Free hosting

Fee-free lifetime hosting for all your assets, that are held on VAULT.Investments platform. (Conditions may apply)

Stronghold Bonus

Everyone is treated equally with active SH accounts capped at 100 CRYO VAULT coins bonus. All other benefits are unlimited for active users

Get BTC for CRYO VAULT Coins

Opt in to become part of the Stronghold source pool and swap your CRYO VAULT coins for BTC to be used in future Stronghold activations


Stronghold was meticulously conceived to be fair, easy, and transparent

Fair and rewarding, deactivate Stronghold at any time, to trigger the deactivation process and receive your 50 CRYO VAULT coins deactivation payout from your special share locked on your initial SH activation. The remaining 50 VAULT coins from your special share will be distributed fairly among the active SH users. Each SH activation from the referred account earns referrers 10 VAULT coins.

Overview Description
1. Activate Stronghold

Upon each stronghold activation, 100 VAULT coins will be locked in a special share to be used ONLY in deactivation, plus receive up to 100 CRYO VAULT coins in bonuses to your normal VAULT coin share, when more users activate or deactivate Stronghold.

2. Hold and enjoy your earnings

Stay active: as more Stronghold accounts are activated, the rewards keep increasing. You can cancel Stronghold at any time with just two clicks, keeping you in full control of your investment at all times.

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Stronghold does not end here..
Referral Program

Use your VAULT.Investments platform referral link to invite your friends and family. All referrals are locked to you for life for Stronghold and future referral rewards, offered for other products or services.

Number of VAULT coins per referral is subject to change.

Referral Program
BTC% Program

BTC% Program is a project created by VAULT, where users finance VAULT projects in exchange for a % above the borrowed amount.

BTC% Program (SH holders only)
Bonus Structure Description

Bonus Structure

Stronghold bonus

To keep it fair, the first 10 VAULT Stronghold activations will receive an equal share towards their bonus cap of 100 CRYO VAULT coins received in their VAULT standard share.

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Milestone activations
Icon Description
Every SH activation from #11

Every SH activation from #11 releases 20 CRYO VAULT coins split between the active SH holders that didn’t yet reach their 100 CRYO VAULT coins cap

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Every 10 SH activations

On the activation of every 10 SH accounts a bonus of 100 CRYO VAULT coins or greater will be split between all active users, who have not yet reached their 100 cap, helping to push active SH users towards their cap to release the full benefits of VAULT coin rewards.

*Amount subject to change

BTC% Program

Community financing system

BTC% Program is a product created with sustainable and lucrative rewards for the development and growth of the VAULT coin project. In exchange for a % of the product profits offered and created by VAULT, it allows for the creation of a financing system with the participation of the VAULT community.

programBTC Description
Stronghold logo
Who can participate?

During the beta phase, sustainable limited availability access is restricted to Stronghold users only.

Time Icon description
When will it start?

BTC% will start immediately as an option for Stronghold users with an initial 5 BTC cap. Additional 5 BTC caps will be released ONLY when they are deemed sustainable.

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How to take part in BTC%?

When available, SH holders can participate with a 0.02 BTC minimum, a maximum of 0.5 BTC per SH account holder. A one time deposit per account will apply, with % rates rising if higher tier requirements are met.

Terms Icon description

BTC% has a minimum term of 3 months and rates offered will be in force until Jan 1st, 2022. A 5% fee for early redemption will apply if SH is deactivated or a BTC withdrawal request is made before the 3 months minimum term has lapsed. No further fees or penalties after the 3 months minimum term.

  • +500 CRYO VAULT
  • +1000 CRYO VAULT
  • +3000 CRYO VAULT
  • +6000 CRYO VAULT
  • +10000 CRYO VAULT
  • ROI
  • 5%
  • 8%
  • 11%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%
There is no limitation on the number of SH accounts held, but to prevent gaming of the system and to make it fair for all users, no CRYO VAULT coins can be moved to another account to qualify for BTC%
Referral Program Description

Bonus Structure


Stronghold referrals are available to everyone with no purchase necessary to take advantage of the referral bonuses.

Invite new users to the platform and receive VAULT coins to hold or sell on the open market. Each time your referred user activates Stronghold, we will add 10 VAULT coins immediately after their activation. (Number of VAULT coins per referral is subject to change)

Activate Stronghold
Stronghold Deactivate Description Referred users without SH

SH activations from the referred accounts give 10 VAULT* to the normal share of the referring account. This bonus type is not capped for the referring account and does not require it to hold SH in its turn.

*Number of VAULT coins per referral is subject to change
Stronghold Activate Description Referred users with SH

If the referring account holds SH, it receives extra 10 CRYO VAULT to the normal share (if the 100 CRYO VAULT cap in SH bonuses wasnt reached yet).

*Number of VAULT coins per referral is subject to change


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stronghold?

Stronghold (SH) is a complete investment product combining multiple benefits, including a generous referral program. Stronghold will be the doorway and foundational product in a spectrum of new generational fair, rewarding, sustainable passive income products. Holders of Stronghold can enjoy unrivaled long-term benefits and a stable passive income/retirement fund through the utilization of easy, powerful investment opportunities.

How does Stronghold work?

Once you activate Stronghold, you will receive a share of VAULT coins and for every activation after this, you will receive subsequent shares until you have reached your maximum cap of 100 VAULT coins. There are additional bonuses and benefits, including fee-free use of VAULT.Investments platform, including 0 fees on BTC withdrawals (minimum withdrawal 0.001)

Why does Stronghold have a 100 VAULT coin cap?

Stronghold has a 100 VAULT coin cap to keep it fair to everyone and to help ensure that all activators of Stronghold reach their 100 VAULT coin cap and return of investment through received VAULT coins and other benefits. There are no other restrictions on Stronghold and even after reaching the 100 VAULT coin cap, users can enjoy all bonuses and benefits Stronghold can provide for a lifetime of benefits, or be deactivated at any time for a 50 VAULT coin deactivation payout

Why should I activate Stronghold?

When you activate Stronghold you are entering into a world of easy passive income opportunities and other benefits and rewards. Stronghold can help you diversify your portfolio and/or grow your VAULT coins which have shown to be one of the most scarce, sustainable, rewarding, stable priced coins throughout the volatility of the past months in the cryptocurrency markets.

How do Stronghold referrals work?

Everyone can earn referral rewards of VAULT coins. There is no requirement to hold Stronghold. Invite your friends and family, and if they activate Stronghold you will get 10 VAULT coins instantly to hold or sell on the open market. (Number of VAULT coins referral, are subject to change.)

How can Stronghold help VAULT coin?

Stronghold will lock up more VAULT coins in CRYO, (100 instantly for every activation) making VAULT coin even more scarce, providing a stable rewarding future for holders of VAULT coin. Stronghold can introduce a new wave of investors to VAULT coin that are looking for easy, stable passive incomes or that are building for their future retirement fund.

VAULT Stronghold 0.04 BTC*

Upon each stronghold activation, 100 VAULT coins will be locked in a special share to be used ONLY in deactivation, plus receive up to 100 CRYO VAULT coins in bonuses to your normal VAULT coin share, when more users activate or deactivate Stronghold.

Get BTC for CRYO VAULT Coins (Coming soon)

Opt in to become part of the Stronghold source pool and swap your CRYO VAULT coins for BTC to be used in future Stronghold activations

*Dynamic activation price

Stronghold activation price is subject to change, being determined by VAULT coin price and the number of activations

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